MA in Art History & English
Assistant Assiociate Professor

Subjects taught at Aarhus School of Business:


  • Visual communication

  • Visual discourse analysis

  • Visual semiotics

  • Multimedia Culture/web page analysis.


Current Courses - spring semester 2005:




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Introduction to Formal Analysis

A comprehensive model for - and
theory of - formal picture
analysis. With many rollover
illustrations and examples from
the arts and advertising worlds,
plus a number of exercises, it
offers good possibilities for
private study.


                                               Animated PowerPoint show           

A step by step manual that guides
you through animation of text,
images, audioclips, slide advances
etc. for making a multimedia

Sample show (no sound included)




Walter Pater                       

Walter Pater was a British art and
literary critic whose critical oeuvre is
influenced by French critics such as
Baudelaire, and who, in turn,
was an important inspiration for
aesthetes such as Oscar Wilde
and modernist writers  such as Virginia
Woolf. This article explores the strong
bond between Pater's critical and
fictional writings respectively.         



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